1. Dr.Brain

    Bwahaha! Finally, I will defeat you! For you see, Steve Rogers, it is I, Dr.Brain! And you will now surely die, Fire-Man!

  2. Fireman


  3. Dr.Brain

    Ever since I got my doctorate in Evil, I swore to destroy all super-heroes who could oppose me. And you, Fire-Man, are my sworn foe!

  4. Fireman

    I'm not… not literally a fireman.

  5. Dr.Brain

    Yes! The Fireman! With the absurd costumes, the adorable dog companion: it all adds up. Plus, I heard you were the "real superheroes."

  6. Fireman

    Woah, woah I'm not literally a "real superhero!" That's just something people say at press-conferences!

  7. Dr.Brain

    Oh geez. So you don't control fire? You're not Earth's last hope against my dino-army?

  8. Fireman

    No. I just saved a kid from a fire.

  9. Dr.Brain

    Was it… a fire ghost!?

  10. Fireman


  11. Dr.Brain

    Yikes. This… man, I'm sorry, dude. But I spent a lot of money on this super-hero gladiator fight. So… I'm thinking we just go for this anyway.

  12. Fireman

  13. Dr.Brain

    And hey, "saying 'no' to drugs makes you the real hero," right? Spiderman said that. So I guess you still count, right?

  14. Fireman

    Cocaine problem, if we're being honest.

  15. Dr.Brain

    Oh come on.

  16. Fireman

    Don't judge. I have to save kids from fires!

  17. Dr.Brain

    That sounds heroic to me. The super-villain charter lets us go after anything equal to or exceeding Robin.

  18. Fireman

    Gritty Nightwing-Robin or Normal Robin?

  19. Dr.Brain

    1960s "Gee-Willikers" Robin.

  20. Fireman

    Oh God…

  21. Dr.Brain

    Yeah. Super-villain secret? There've been, like, 10,000 Robins since 1950.

  22. Fireman

    You just killed them all!?

  23. Dr.Brain

    What? No! Although, if we did, hey, come on, we're evil. But he'd just walk off and die a lot. There was one time he just ate a lot of pennies.

  24. Fireman

    Wow. Really?

  25. Dr.Brain

    Yeah. And you know what's even worse? It wasn't even "one time."

  26. Fireman

    This seems kind of unfair.

  27. Dr.Brain

    Yeah. But, look, I'm not heartless. You're thinking of Professor-Heartless, the Robot Wizard. Look, if you can defeat the four-fanged yeti of Saturn, I shake my fist, I'll yell "curses," blah blah blah, and we do this again next week. Wait, you can fly, right?

  28. Fireman

    Not even close.

  29. Dr.Brain

    Okay, yikes. This… this is going to be a short comic.

  30. Fireman

    Can… can I call my wife?

  31. Dr.Brain

    I mean, it's kind of long distance, isn't it? We're sort of at my moon-base. You know, for when you fight the moon-worms.

  32. Fireman

  33. Dr.Brain

    Yeah, you're going to die.