Level 1 The Service NoviceDescription: You can't get service at the bar. You even walked down here before the concert started just to be sure to get serviced before the concert started, but by now the band has already played three of their greatest hits, and they really only have two hits. The only thing you are going to walk away with from this bar is a potential idea that is going to revolutionize the way that people wait in line for stuff. You should really pay attention to the word "potential".Not to be confused with: The guy who has been dragged to the concert by a loved one, but has no interest in listening to the music. Power Mode: Snapping his fingers at the bartender.

Level 2 The TapprenticeDescription: He is not outgoing enough to dance and sing, but he is not shy enough to stand completely still. Hence the foot-tapping. One foot going up and down in a steady beat, that let's everyone know that he is aware of how music works. He also provides a reliable source if one of the band members should ever fall out of rhythm. Not to be confused with: A professional tap dancer.Power mode: The Tap and a Clap

Level 3 I Am Legendarily alone please talk to meDescription: He's been to a couple of concerts before, but always with someone. This time he is alone, and he is not quite sure how to act. You've seen him move around the venue with a beer in his hand, trying to find a place to stand and blend in. It didn't quite work at the front of the stage, it brought a lot of attention when he stood next to the speaker, he seemed extra alone when he stood next to that big group of friends, and he didn't quite have the small-talk skills to hang out at the bar. Slightly crouching in front of the pillar next to the sound guy seems appropriate though. Not to be confused with: A guy waiting for his friend(s) to return from the barPower mode: Singing along loud enough to hear within his earshot.

Level 4 The No Pop Couple LockDescription: Locked in each other's arms and the guy's head gently resting on her right shoulder, these two are capable of slow dancing to every song being played at the concert. If you are single this couple look lame, and you promise yourself that when you get a boyfriend/girlfriend, your relationship will be a cool one that never does this. You will be wrong, but it's a nice thought. If you are a part of this Couple Pop & Lock without the Pop, you don't notice the single guy, because you are too busy convincing yourself that you are the only one who thinks you look lame right now. Again you couldn't be more wrong. Not to be confused with: The guy that has no sense of boundaries with people standing in front of him. Power mode: Singing in unison/harmonies

Level 5 The Drunken Mess(iah) Description: He jumps, he sings, he dances, and makes the concert a cool experience not only for him but for everyone else in the room as well. He knows what concert-going is all about: The right amount of alcohol. It might have taken him a while to figure out exactly how much "the right amount" is, and sure he misses it from time to time, but this night he has got it locked down tight. And if the band is boring it up on stage he is always fun to look at. At least that is what you think when he is doing it on the other side of the venue and not right next to you. Not to be confused with: The guy standing next to you that is definitely too drunk. Power mode: Jump-session with complete strangers

Level 6 The SmartConcertDescription: This guy made the mistake of bringing their smart phones to the concert. With Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other news sources constantly updating, who has time to see a live concert. Certainly not this guy. You won't know it from the way he talks after the concert is done though. He is the best at mixing in overheard statements from people at the concert with quotes taken from the Pitchfork review of their albums and previous live shows. Not to be confused with: The guy texting his girlfriend to tell her that he isn't talking to any other girls at the concert. Power Mode: Watching a Youtube video of a live concert with the band whose live show he is attending.