Step 1: Replace all of the periods in your sentences with winky face emoticons ;)

Step 2: Look up the same person on all of the following sites; Facebook, twitter, youtube, imdb, Google, and Google maps.

Step 3: Take a webcam photo of just your nose, send it over private message to someone you've only talked to once, 16 times.

Step 4: Take a video of yourself crying, immediately post this everywhere that allows you to do so.

Step 5: Pick a random celebrity, post a witty anecdote on their facebook fanpage. Everyday. For a year.

Step 6: Pick a random celebrity, photoshop yourself into pictures of them, post and repeat.

Step 7: Pick a random celebrity, paint an incredibly detail oriented picture of their face, post and repeat.

Step 8: Pick a person you kind of know in real life, use steps 5, 6, and 7 on them.

Step 9: Make a facebook page for your dog, cat, goldfish, and guinea pig.

Step 10: Make the Disney Channel's website your homepage.