doorject (v.) to glance behind oneself upon opening a door and notice someone, but continue through without holding it. "He was really far behind me, but we made eye contact, so I couldn't just doorject him like that."

sleepsac (v.) to sacrifice a morning activity in exchange for additional sleep."After smelling myself, I thought it would be alright to sleepsac showering this morning."

obnodxious (adj.) to nod unnecessarily at everything the prof says."It was pretty obnodxious to nod when the prof was telling us what he had for lunch."

doubbow (v.) (deriv. double elbow) to occupy armrests on both sides of oneself."I felt like a T-rex, both people beside me were doubbowing."

sayhirange (n.) a distance deemed appropriate for greeting an acquaintance."I saw Gavin in the food court, but he was out of sayhirange so I pretended to text."

ghostseat (v.) to save a seat in a class for a "friend" who doesn't exist."I had to sit in the back behind the pole; that pompous hooligan ghostseated me."

peoplepoint (n.) a human landmark seen everyday when walking between classes."I knew something was up when I didn't see my Tuesday morning peoplepoint, blue-hoodie-headphones guy…totally forgot about history.

awkstretch (v.) to awkwardly pretend to stretch upon realizing the prof isn't going to take your question."Nima has had his hand up for a solid 7 minutes… Oh.. there it goes.. poorly executed awkstretch."

hecticlean (v.) 1. the act of frantic cleaning on the day that your parents are visiting.2. the act of frantic "cleaning" on the day that your parents are visiting."My roommate's hecticleaning consists of shoving everything he owns into the closet."