Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? If youve got an example of your Parents Just Dont Understanding, submit it here! And thank God well never be as dumb as they are!

I was sitting in class using a computer when suddenly the power went out. Immediately my current teacher graciously corrected us by saying: "Class, the power is NOT out, my Laptop is STILL on."
Connor Houghton from Sheridan College

My grandma has never really played catch-up with the recent technology, but a few years back we managed to get her a cell-phone. To this day, every time her cell-phone rings in the room she's in she gets startled and wonders what it is. But every time, WITHOUT fail, when a phone rings on a TV program or a film she starts looking for the phone.
Markus A. Pedersen

The other night, my mom asked me if I saw the Rebecca Black video that went "spiral" on YouTube.
Alexis C

My mom recently got a smart phone with a touch screen. She always accidentally mutes her phone during calls and when she first got it she told me she wanted me to "give her lots of squares." She wanted me to put apps on her phone.
Katy S from Louisiana State University

My dad just discovered Youtube. Literally, on Friday.
jacob a

My mother asked me yesterday if my cell phone could take pictures. After telling her that, "yes, in fact, my cell phone does have this new age technology you speak of," she said "well, can you take a picture of me so I can get on facebook?"
Mike D

My mom thinks if I sign into my Facebook from her computer, it will send all my notifications to her email.
Nichole Christopher

My mom asked me to teach my grandma how to use her brand new computer. I teach her how to turn it on and go through the basics and she catches on pretty quick. I'm not too surprised since she used to be a nurse. We then open MS Word and I tell her to type a random sentence. She sits there staring at the screen for a while until I ask her what she is waiting for. She says, "I'm waiting for the blinking line to stop being busy so I can type."
Michelle C

My grandmother just saw a story on TV where two baby monitors' frequencies got mixed and the mothers where seeing pictures of their neighbor's babies. She now thinks people can see insider her home…
Jukka Finland

Every time my mom sends a text she shakes her phone. Apparently it sends faster.
Sky P

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