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A couple of weeks ago, I was driving home on the highway after picking up a stack of delicious Hot N Ready pizzas from Little Caesar's for the party I was having. About 3 miles from home, I see flashing blue and red lights in my rearview mirror and pull over. Apparently I was doing 83 in a 65. As the cop approached my car, I saw him catch the scent of delicious pizza, and he asked "Whatcha got there?" I explained to him that I was picking up pizza for my party, and then asked if he wanted a slice. He said yes, and I said he could take a whole pizza if he wanted it. He did, and a $5 pepperoni pizza saved me from a $120 speeding ticket.-Kris

Me and a couple friends were at the Charles Town Slots in WV. We had a few drinks there and decided to go to the strip club about 20 minutes away. We hit a road block on our way to the club and the officers asked for my license and registration and us where we were headed to. Without missing a beat, I handed him my license while telling him we were going to Vixens Strip Club. My friend hadn't found the registration yet so I reached over to help get my registration and turn back to a cop holding 3 free passes for us to use to get into the Strip Club. He didn't check registration and let us go with a "Ya'll have a great night!-Steve

So last year I was home for college for winter break and a high school friend of mine and I decided to get food. We were both craving Chipotle, but the closest Chipotle to my house was about 30 minutes away. We decided to make the trip. On the way back however, my friend (who was driving) missed a turn so he went into a neighborhood to to make a U-Turn. We immediately got pulled over by two cops cars. Apparently there have been multiple burglaries in the area and we matched the description. The cop didn't by our story of driving 30 minutes for Chipotle and eventually detectives were brought in to question the both of us. Those cops really didn't understand the urgency of Chipotle shits.-JT

I pulled up to a light coming home from a friends house at 10pm one night, and a cop pulled up behind me. The streets were dead, so I knew I was the only person he could be checking out. I quickly did a mental check of my car. Lights on? Cell phone away? Seat belt on? I thought I was ok. I looked up and the light was green so I started to drive, and the cop hit the lights. He came up to my window and asked if I knew why I was pulled over and I had no idea. Apparently the light I pulled up to was green the whole time.-Taylor

I live in one of the two apartment complexes in an otherwise very wealthy area where the police have nothing better to do but constantly harass the college kids for this and that. There's no real crime, and with a police station right in town the cops get a little bored. I had just gotten a ticket for not completely stopping at a stop sign earlier in the day and was making a food run for a party I was at. I went through the Jack in the Box drive thru and as I was ordering a cop pulled in behind me. I get my order and pull out onto the road, immediately hitting a red light. This gives the cop time to get his food and get behind me again at the light. As soon as the light turns green I see him hit his lights and he blasts his siren at me. I pull over fully expecting him to come up with some stupid thing I did wrong. The cop walks up to my window and asks "Did you just turn out from the Jack in the Box?" I tell him yes, I did. He then pauses, and tells me that he thinks they mixed up our orders. I was so confused until I realized that I indeed had a Jumbo Jack and curly fries when I had actually ordered chicken strips. The guy pulled me over to exchange fast food orders.-Paul

My freshman year of high school, I ran cross country. And seeing how I wasn't very good at at, me and a couple of my friends would just mess around on every run. Well, one day it snowed the most it had in years. Being the kind of youth who take advantage of every situation, we decided it would be a good idea to go throw snowballs at cars in a neighborhood across the street from our school. Things were going perfectly fine for about ten minutes, we'd hit cars, watch the passengers get pissed, and laugh. However, the next car we hit did not have such an understanding driver. Somehow, this HUGE SUV managed to stop within seconds of being hit, and the driver jumps out and starts yelling at us. As it turns out, he was an undercover cop. He then called our parents, and made us each write him an apology letter. Well, that was about 4 years ago. Last night we went to an ice skating rink and got all of the shaved ice from the zamboni and filled up two trucks. We completely covered that man's front yard. Seeing as we haven't had any snow in months, we're sure he had the biggest surprises of his life.-Maurice