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From the moment you tore down my Goonies and Apocalypse Now posters to plaster up your Twilight stuff and create what was practically a shrine to Robert Patterson, I had a feeling that we were going to have a problem. Unfortunately for me, I ignored it, and you've continued to piss me off in a nearly infinite amount of small ways since then. When I, once again, caught you copying my work for the one class we have together, I knew what to do about it. Since then, I've been intentionally creating minute errors in it when I do it, noting in shorthand the corrections on a piece of paper that I keep in my pocket. After you've swiped, used, and returned it, I've fixed it. And you wonder why you're doing poorly in that class. It's not my fault you're too lazy to do your own work.
Joanne F.

Recently me and my fiance got a house and moved into it. Well we got one with an apartment in it to pay the extra mortgage. Well the last guy we had there was a snob. He went against the rules we gave him just to piss us off. Then to tip it off he never payed rent. So I called the cops saying that we found some guy in this room after we came back from a vacation. Now he is in jail. Hey he wanted free accommodation, he got it.
John S. from FSU

My roommate is my brother and in general we have never had any problem living together but before we went to college my brother took my car one time to pick up his girlfriend to go to a movie. On the way back from the movie apparently he decided to pull into an abandoned parking lot and get it on with his gf. In general I wouldn't care except 1. I'd never been laid in my car and 2. at the end of his trial he called himself the "sultan of sex" and put his shirt around his head in a turban and his girlfriend wrote on the steam "sultan of sex" so every time it fogged up it would show. A week ago he got his first car and 30 mins ago I had sex in it with my girlfriend and wrote "SOS 2" so that every time it fogs he can see it. Sorry little brother I know your excited about your Mustang GT convertible but, well a price need to be paid. I know you will read this and get pissed but it was worth it.
S.K. from UCF

You're a real piece of shit. You had a smoking hot, awesome girlfriend and constantly cheated on her with greasy Jersey hoodrats. You weren't that bad of a roommate but you sucked as a person and for that reason you needed to be taught a lesson. So I waited until you left to go party one night and reversed the peephole in the door. Then I called your gf when you inevitably came back with whoever the Snooki-lookalike was that week and told her to come over. One gander through the peephole was all it took for her to take me back to her room and let me rawdog the everliving shit out of her. On second thought, you were a GREAT roommate.
Greased Up Deaf Guy

Hey Blondie! Remember how expensive your philosophy book was? 105$, right? Well, when you asked me to order it for you with your money because you 'couldn't figure out how to order', I knew you were lazy and trying to manipulate me. So I ordered it for less. About 100$ less on Buy your own shit, and rinse out your red hair dye. It didn't help.
Shay-shay F. from MCC

My roommate was a total bitch who fussed and bitched because I wouldn't clean up her mess or take out her trash. I tried my hardest to be nice to her, but when that didn't work I posted her number on Craigslist asking for the dirtiest text messages ever. When those stopped coming I decided to just burst out laughing every time I would see her. It would make her wonder what I had done when I hadn't even had to put any effort at all into a prank. I loved seeing her posts on her Twitter, that she thought I didn't know about, wondering what I had done to her stuff.
Anon. S from AASU

I use to live with a die hard P.E.T.A. vegan who refused to pay bills, would blare music/movies at all hours of the night, get stoned in the house, and would constantly eat my food. When I would confront her about it she would deny it and try to turn things around on me. So to get even, I started putting meat products in almost everything I made and would put the left overs in the fridge knowing she would eat them once everyone went to sleep. You're not a vegan anymore, bitch.

My roommate and I decided to teach my (now ex) boyfriend a lesson after I found out he'd cheated on me constantly over the 4 years we'd been together. He didn't know I knew yet, so it was easy to get him to meet me in a secluded little park for some 'us time'. I convinced him to let me blindfold him and got him naked. Then, after writing in permanent marker that it was over, I ran off with his clothes, keys and cellphone. My roommate and I drove over to his place, where we hacked into his facebook (he didn't think I'd seen his password, but I had) and changed his password. But not before writing all over facebook all of the dirt he'd told me about some of his closest friends (including his best mate's girlfriend whining that he was no good in the sack). It was fantastic, but the icing on the cake was swapping sim cards and changing every number on his phone to mine. He couldn't get hold of his mates and vice versa. It took him weeks to sort it out. You played me, but I won. F*ck you.
Jade Y. from UCSB

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