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I was dating a woman that was much older than me, and instead of breaking up with me the more traditional way, she had her friend lie to me and tell me that she got cancer and was dying, so she didn't need to tell me she was cheating on me and getting married to another guy.
Kevin D

I didn't have a serious boyfriend until the summer of third year and I was very slow getting used to physical stuff. I am a Christian and I don't want to have sex until marriage. I was actually surprised the first time I noticed my boyfriend checking out my rack. For three months we didn't get past first and then I gave in and we got all the way to hand jobs. My boyfriend likes to go down on me but I told him I was uncomfortable doing it back. I don't want to admit that what I am really scared of is germs, he thinks I'm worried about religion.
Bethany D. from U of Waterloo

The day my best friend lost his virginity i was woken up to a text that said " The pea is in the pod, I repeat…The pea is in the pod".
James s from sbu

When my girlfriend went out of town on spring break she made me go on her account to feed her Neopets.
Jason K

My ex nicknamed my junk 'Squirtle'

My girlfriend (now ex) and me got into a heated argument about "trust" It resulted in her breaking up with me because I haven't slept with enough girls to make her comfortable enough to trust me… talk about insecurity issues.
Anon Cat from FGCU

I was dating this bloke whom I had known for a while and had previous infatuated experience with, but when it came to our first time having sex, he looked down at his penis and commented "I know it isn't much". At the time it didn't bother me because frankly, I had nothing to compare it to. But now, I can see that he was accurate in his first statement.

That jerk deserves his minuscule wiener.

My girlfriend had just watched Apollo 13 before she came on skype to talk to me. I said it was good but not as good as Apollo 1 as a joke. She said as serious as ever that she'd never seen it not knowing that it didn't exist.
Andrew Nonymous

When I was still in high school I helped my now ex-girlfriend move into her new house with her, her friend, and her grandmother. I thought it would be a good idea to let her give me head with the door open because I thought that if anybody walked up, I would hear the floor creak. Turned out, the floor didn't creak and her grandmother walked in on us. The most awkward part was that I was 15 and she was my ride home.

Me and my girlfriend had been having steady sex for a few months, no big deal, but our parents didn't know yet. One day my girlfriend and I are sitting on her bed and her mom asks us if we've had sex…. Most awkward moment of my life when her mom found out she wasn't a virgin and I hear her get a lecture all but 2 feet away

One weekend my long distance girlfriend came over for the weekend. Unlucky for me she was was having massive mood swings. So we were making food in the microwave, and she poked one to check it it was warm enough. Joking around, I asked her "Did you wash your hands?". She burst into tears and ran away. I probably never laughed so hard in my life.
Shayne T

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