Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? If youve got an example of your Parents Just Dont Understanding, submit it here! And thank God well never be as dumb as they are!

My dad recently got a facebook and was so amazed by it that he decided to make a profile for our dog. The dog adds all my friends, comments on everything in "dogspeak," and even creates event invitations. My dad also thinks it would seem creepy to have people find out that its a 50 year-old man controlling the dog, so he tells everyone its me. Now everyone I know thinks I'm writing, "woof-woof bow-wow kitties die!" on their walls. Thanks dad.
Christina Wentworth from gsc

My parents won't call me on skype because they don't know the long distance rates.
Far Far Away

Everytime my dad pulls up to a stop sign, no matter what time of year it is, he rolls down his window. When I asked him why he does this, he said it's so he can see out the side windows. How does he drive normally?
Salisbury Steak from University of Dubuque

I am a TA for a computer related department at my university. One professor I work for averages grades for the 200+ people in his class by printing out the Excel sheets I send and typing all the numbers into his calculator. He also tells me to print out the tests I type up for him on both sides of the paper so he can make double-sided copies for the students. I have no idea how he thinks a copy machine works.
Your TA

A few days ago, my mom was complaining that the internet wasn't working. My dad proceeded to un-plug every air freshener in the house saying "These damn things are probably causing some interference."
Dylan McDonald from Mizzou

I recently showed my mom how to use Netflix on my PS3. When I handed her the remote control, so she could practice how to do it, she struggled to push the buttons while holding the controller like a TV remote.
Jared H

My dad recently got his first smart phone, primarily so he can check his email any time he wants. Unfortunately, he didn't realize he could use the same email account for both his phone and computer, and made up a new one just for the phone. So far, the only thing he uses it for is to email his friends his responses to their texts.
Lo -L

My mom told me we needed to get a cactus so that it would soak up all the technology particles in the air. Where she got this information, I have no idea.
Jenn Nichols

My parents and Grandma watched 2/3 of the movie Whale Rider with the DVD player on 1.5x fast forward, which included sound. I fixed it after they complained that they couldn't understand anything anybody was saying. They just thought the New Zealanders in the movie had really thick accents.
Evan M

The other day my mom asked me: "Mordor's that guy from Harry Potter, right?"
Kaylee C

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