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So my friend, a bunch of his cousins, and I were at the local park playing tennis around 8pm when we thought it'd be a good idea to buy lighter fluid so we can play with a flaming tennis ball. After a few minutes of "extreme tennis" a couple of cops showed up. We were a group of 13, but they only ID'd those of us who were holding rackets while lecturing us on the whole situation. One cop said he could have arrested us for arson but said it was our lucky day, let us off with a warning and told us to go home. Also, the park is literally next to a police station.-Joel

My friends and i used to live in a small town of about 600 people right on the river. One night 8 friends and I came across a downed street sign. we all lived on the other side of the river, so we picked up the sign and decided it would be fun to try and carry it across a bridge. One of my friends saw a cop so we dropped the sign and run our asses off. Right when we were too tired to go on, I spotted a tennis ball on the side of the street. We gathered around in a circle and pretended like we were having a 9-way catch and the cop drove right by us.-Elfkunch

One night when I was a junior in highschool my friends and I were walking home at 11 p.m. after getting some ice cream. The roads were pretty deserted so I would dance in the middle of the street while my friends laughed. As cars came driving towards me I would stop and do the Hammer Time shuffle off the street. Well one car was coming towards me, so I stopped and hammer-timed on the road. The car turned out to be a cop car, and it made a quick U-turn and pulled up right next to us. The cop rolled his windows down to talked to us, but it turned out to be our old gym teacher so we ended up catching up for like 20 minutes. He told me to keep my groove on and drove away. -Isaac

When I was in high school, I thought it might be fun to take my parents' car for a joy ride to the mall. After I had pulled into parking lot, a cop walked up to my window. He looked like he was about to ask me a question, but then just listened to my radio, which I had turned down instead of off. Ludacris' "Rollout" was playing. He then asked if I could play "Get Back" which I did. He listened to it for a bit then told me to have a nice day.-Sam

I was home over Christmas break during my freshman year and I was just hanging out with my buddies when I remembered I needed an outfit for an upcoming even for an organization I was in. Anyways, we go to the store and I buy a ninja outfit made for 9 year olds. Keep in mind I'm 6', 220lbs and on the powerlifting team. I proceeded to put it on in the parking lot. On the way home I was doing all kinda of ninja-esque stuff and my friends decided to turn around and get their own ninja outfits too. We all get the kiddie ninja outfits. So we get home, put them on and decided we needed to show them off. It was around 2am so we figured Wal-Mart would be the perfect venue. We summoned all our friends, grabbed the camera, and took off. So there we are, three ninjas running into Wal Mart doing cartwheels, flips, and any other ninja moves we could think of with our buddies recording the whole thing. Well it happened that 4 cops were right at the entrance. We immediately took off toward the back, and the employees got on the intercom yelling "The Ninjas are in hardware!". We managed to avoid the police (one of them actually walked within a foot of us without seeing us…ninja!) got out to the parking lot and got to the car. It was our buddies car and we set off the alarm. We were in the middle of no where and just sat there as the police came up. They immediately told us to take off our mask. One of the cops recognized me, and told me it was "time to grow up". Then we were told to never come back to Wal Mart again…to which I responded "Do you mean as ninjas? Or like in normal clothes?" He let us go with a stern warning. Worth it.-Hogan

This Week's I Fought the Law and the Law Won My HeartWhen I was in college, I was training to get my black belt in karate. When me and me friend cycled home that evening, we were pulled over because my friend had no lights on his bike by two female police officers. One of them started writing him a ticket, which took unusually long because he is a foreigner with an extremely difficult name. The other cop and I started having a conversation and the subject landed on karate. She told me that she had her martial arts exams coming up, but she still had difficulties with certain routines and techniques. After my friend got the ticket we walked home, afraid of another ticket.The following day I received a phone call from one of the officers, and she asked me to help her prepare for her police martial arts exams. Being a sucker for uniforms, I agreed to see her later. Long story short: last week she gave birth to our first child.-Ivo