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So my roommate makes this nasty ass tea all the time, and it smells like crap and he always makes a mess when making it and never cleans it up. So one time I switched his entire bag of sugar with salt. I sat in the common room and watched him make it, I was trying so hard not to laugh. When he's done making it, the room reeks of hot salt, but he drinks it anyways. He immediately spits it out and says, "damn, its not strong enough" and adds like an extra cup of salt. He and his stupid girlfriend finished the worst smelling drink ever in like 2 days. What an idiot.
B.P. from BGSU

One time my roommate's friend came over and peed all over our bathroom floor, and rather than wipe it up, he and my roommate left it there overnight so that I had to clean it in the morning. When I got mad at my roommate for making me clean up other people's piss, he told me that he's "not responsible for what his friends do." Actually dude, when they're in our house, you are. Anyway, I never officially got him back for this, but I sure tell the story of how he once accidentally called me "mom" a lot more often now.

My freshman roomate was a weird cross country closet case who had a huge love crush on this girl I knew. I tried to bring him out to parties but he would just steal my stuff and hang in our room. He'd also get high and eat all my food. Eventually I got fed up with his shit and decided to get back. I found that girl at a party and brought her back and had sex while he was in bed awake. I had no attraction or like for this girl but I brought her around for the next few weeks for loud obvious sex because of his douchebaggery. All the while he'd text her how much he liked her and never felt that way about any girl before. Sorry bro, you shouldn't have taken my shit.

One of my roommates sleeps in until around dinner time, and I have to be quiet as a mouse until she decides to get her lazy self out of bed. Anyway, my stripper friend taught me this trick that when you shave your lady parts everyday and use deodorant on it after, no irritation happens. So I'm smooth everyday and your deodorant is dwindling at twice the speed, THANKS!
Kristen S. from OSU

My roommate is a thieving dirty little hamster!! She uses all of my stuff, from makeup to dishes to clothes (and she doesn't wash what she uses). She bathes once every four days, has not done ANY laundry in the past two months, and hoards her takeout boxes. So in return for having to pay $50 on air fresheners and constant cleaning on my part, I peed in your hand soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, perfume, lotion, water, and face wash. Not to mention I also peed on your pillow, which you have yet to notice. Also, your bath sponge makes a WONDERFUL toilet scrubber, I also scrubbed the toilet with your mascara wand in the places the bath sponge couldn't reach. I fart on the towel you use to dry your face, I wiped poop on the towel you are still using over a week ago, and I applied clear nail polish to all your electrical plugs so they don't work. Oh and I nicked your razor really bad, I hope shaving doesn't hurt too much! Thanks Roommate Confessions for helping me plot my revenge!
Elizabeth T.

Ok so this is a bit of a reverse because I was the one being pranked but looking back its funny and inventive so I thought I'd tell the story. I lived with 3 very close friends senior year (we we friends all through college and still keep in touch). One night after going out we headed back to our place to hang with some of our friends. I ended up kissing this girl we all knew and one thing was leading to another so we excused ourselves to my bedroom. Just when we were getting going, my window opens (it was a one story rancher house) and a lit smoke bomb fire cracker left over from 4th of July party the previous summer comes flying into my bedroom billowing blue smoke everywhere. The girl and I came running out of my bedroom in our underwear coughing amidst laughter from all our friends. Thanks assholes!!!! Pissed at the time, but real funny looking back!!!!!
Mike M. from University of Delaware

I live in a house near my school with 7 other people, and I am one of the 2 chicks there, and they are all pretty cool people. We all listen to the same music, xbox the night away, and study together. Except for one of us, who I will be referring to a F, and F liked to eat. A LOT. I'm not discriminative to fat people, I was pretty fucking fat throughout highschool, but he's different. He is CONSTANTLY EATING and leaves his crumbs and trash on the couch, and after every meal he takes a huge ass dump, so our house always fucking reeks. Well, about 2 years ago we decided we were sick of that, so we stole all of his food, dumped it out and put a bunch of nasty shit in it. One of my roomies jacked off in an old vanilla pudding container, another left her old tampons in a cheese its box. We actually ended up helping him, we grossed him out so bad that he stopped eating all that junk and has lost 50 lbs. Your welcome F :)
Raven X.

A couple of years ago, I was a total fatass. I have lost over 50 pounds since then, and my roommates think it was because they put gross stuff like tampons and dogshit in all my food, but really, I just really wanted to fuck one of them {she loves this site, and I really hope she sees this}. The best part is, I succeeded. Last week. Hi, rae, if you see this, IT WAS GREAT.

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