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I work for a big-name apparel store at the mall. The other day, a lady came to the service counter to return her scarf because it was "too tight".
-Sammy W.

I work part time waiting on in a cafe. The other day, I was taking an order from a customer, and she asked if she could have the mozzerella, tomato and pesto panini, but asked if we could do it without the tomato. Her reason? She's a vegetarian.
-Sophia L.

I work at the local Walmart, and work on the registers as a cashier. The other day a woman comes up to me with about $250 worth of exercising clothes, and says to me, "Exercising is a lifestyle". I smiled slightly and began ringing her up, when she started to criticize me for being "totally out of shape and unattractive". She was enormous.
-Anthony P.

I work at a plus size clothing store in the local mall, so we get weirdoes once in a while. One day, as I was leaving to go on my break, this lady walks in and heads straight to the back of the store by the fitting rooms. I didn't pay too much attention, but 15 minutes later, I open the door to see her completely TOPLESS in the middle of the store! Apparently, she couldn't be bother to use the fitting rooms RIGHT NEXT to her.
-Stephanie R.

I work at a theme park in Southern California. Every single day I hear someone complain that their map, the cheap paper one they pick up at the front gate and carry around with them all day, does not have a "You are here" symbol on it. Yes, we put GPS trackers on all of our crappy paper maps so you can always know where you are no matter where in the park you go. Dumbasses.
-Kathryn F.

I had an obviously pregnant woman request extra tequila in her margarita today when I served her meal. When I refused to serve her alcohol, I was fired by my manager of 3 years. I only wanted to save my conscious… oh, and the baby.
-Ryan P.

I started as an 8th grade teacher this year. A group of my students came up to me and asked me "Do your parents know you're gay?" Without thinking I said no. Now I'm known as "Mr. Fruit."
-Jon V.

I work at a running store that sells shoes, apparel, and accessories for runners. One day when we were incredibly busy a woman stopped me to ask if we "had any of those Neil Armstrong bracelets." -Meg C.

I have an internship in Europe and during the day my coworkers listen to Nickelback.
-C M

I'm overweight (hit it, comment section), and sometimes at work I'll hear kids whisper, "She's fat, Mommy" or some variant. I usually ignore them as the embarrassed parent hushes the kid. One day, a boy excitedly grabbed his dad and said, "She's got a baby in her pants!"
-Kate R.

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