Few of us ever play professional sports. A few more play in college.
But most everyone played sports as a kid.
And if it was Little League or biddy soccer, every team had the same seven kids.
- – - – -

#1 — The Coach's Son

He might not be the most athletic kid on the team, or have the best stats (or any stats for that matter). But he makes up for it with smarts, hustle and determination. This, according to coach, is why he is the team's MVP this year. Now everyone give him a round of applause as he accepts his plaque.

Typical Position:Point guard, quarterback and shortstop. Whichever position is the most important for that sport, that's where he is, because this team cannot afford to have him playing anywhere else.

Where He Is Now:The heir to his dad's construction company, he's going to run it into bankruptcy within four months of taking over, yet still win Employee of the Month every time.