The last snowfall left us a white present that soon disappeared. The Easter Bunny came and went. The temperature rose. A bare shoulder popped out here and there from beneath a cozy sweater, and before long, people started wearing flip flops and shorts.

Spring is here. The weather’s getting warmer, and while our winter days are slowly drifting away from us, so are the days when our favorite show is on the air. Like a complex snowflake we have grown to love, Lost is melting away from us.

And so we must cherish it in the numbered days it has left.

Here’s what went down this week, in a game of Connect 4:

Michael appears to Hugo, telling him not to blow up the plane. After Ilana gets dynamite from the Black Rock to do just that, SHE BLOWS THE FUCK UP! Alpert insists on following through, but Hurley blows up the ship to prevent it. He lies and says that Jacob wants them to talk to Locke instead. Miles and Ben join Alpert; everyone else goes with Hugo. He admits to Jack that he lied, but Jack still goes. The arrive at Locke/Smoke Monster’s camp and L/SM is willing to talk. Before that, L/SM took Des where no one could see them and pushed him down a well! WTF?! In Plane Dimension, Hurley meets mental patient Libby who helps him to remember his other past. Then Des hits Locke with a car!


Here’s what we learn:


1. If all the spray tan that is used on Dancing with the Stars were used as jet fuel, we’d have enough to fly the entire island to Los Angeles.

2. “Previously on Lost” is truly a lost cause at this point. You’ll never catch up!

3. Jack has gone from ultimate leader to ultimate follower. He explains that his reason is Juliet. After she died, he just needs to “let go” and stop trying to fix it.

4. In Plane Dimension, Miles’s dad either works for Hurley’s chicken joint, or is a professional voiceover artist. Also, Hugo is a philanthropist.

5. My spell check is trying to correct the possessive “Miles’s” in the previous item, but my Strunk & White grammar book (page 1) says it’s right. Thoughts?

6. Of all the dead people who talk to Hurley, Libby doesn’t. Why not? Michael says those trapped on the island (the whispers) can’t move on. Perhaps Libby has?

7.Why does Hurley listen to the guy who killed Libby? CONFUSED.

8. Following our logic of “in Plane Dimension, you have the one thing that you wanted, but there’s a sacrifice,” what does Hugo have/sacrifice? He does have non-cursed money. So, there’s that.

9.Ben believes that Ilana died because the island was done with her.

10. Whose side is Michael on? If Jacob wants to prevent L/SM from leaving the island, does that mean that Michael is on L/SM’s side?

11. Aw, man! Those flashes of the past when they kiss really get to me!

12. Des hits Locke with a car. Is this to jar his memory as well? Pretty violent, Mr. Hume.

13. Don’t walk around so flippantly when you have dynamite in your messenger bag.

14. Is Hugo supposed to be Mexican-American? Because I’m not sure a real Mexican would eat at a place called “Spanish Johnny’s”

15. It’s amazing that even when a girl is bonkers, if she’s hot, you guys will still date her. YOU GUYS!

16. L/SM is waiting for the gang to arrive so that they can all leave the island. And guess what? They arrive!

18. Help me out here guys – is this the first time Jack has seen walking dead Locke? I was trying to remember….

17. Des is still getting hotter and hotter, right?