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I used to be a cook in a local restaurant, the waitress and my chef where always fooling around (joking and such). This one night the waitress was putting the trash in the back in a dark alley when my chef popped around the corner and scared the living sh*t out of her. She then pissed herself.

I work for a privately owned franchise retail appliance store. The owner of the store often lends out our hand trucks to "trusted" customers. Well, recently a pair of hand-trucks went missing, and instead of installing new security measures or trying to figure out who took them, she is instead
just deducting $100 dollars from all employees' next paycheck.

I work for a major southern metropolis.  One day, I get a call for a welfare check on an old dude. I get there, and there's a guy telling me that there's a dead man in the house next door. Well, I make it to the front door, and yep, dead guy.  After the door is open, guess who has to open all the windows? Yours truly.  Imagine a deceased individual baking for 4 days in the south. Needless to say, the crowd standing across the street began vomiting. 

I work security at a popular nightclub. Last night I saw this guy leaning into a corner with his back to the crowd. I asked him if he was OK, to which he did not respond. Figuring he was completely wasted, I put my hands on his shoulder to walk him out. He spun around and started yelling at me like the drill Sgt. from Full Metal Jacket. Whilst spewing saliva all over my face, he put up his fists and said he wanted to fight me. After a short struggle, I got him into a control hold and started walking him out of the club. When I get him almost to the door, this bald lady comes up to me and said the guy was her husband, and that she'd take care of him. Turns out he wasn't drunk at all. He and the wife found out earlier that day that her cancer had come back. She was dying and he was mad at the world. He had been crying over in the corner. I felt like such a douche.

Every Sunday morning I work an 8 hour shift, starting from 4am, at my local news agent with a girl who is so religious that she honestly believes the word evolution was invented for pokemon.

I just graduated college this past January and like most other recent graduates I have not been able to find a real job or any decent job for that matter. In the mean time I got a job at a pizza place for some extra cash. One of my new responsibilities due to the rodent problem in the extra storage room is throwing out dead mice from the traps. I make $5 an hour

Several years ago I spent the summer before college working at a discount grocery store as a bagboy.   Long story short, the area I lived in was a poverty stricken hellhole, and the 1st of the month was particularly bad.  Late one night, just before closing, a large smelly woman came in to buy some bread and some lunch meat.  She was either high or drunk and began to slump over the conveyor belt.  At that time, the guy running the register and I both noticed that her flannel shirt wasn't buttoned and she was wearing no bra.  To our disgust, both breasts hit the conveyor belt and were carried about 2 feet away from her body towards the bags.  They began to skip and bounce once they reached maximum distance from her body.  She never bothered to notice, or didn't care.  I will forever be scarred.