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I'm not going to spew some fake story about relationships. My girlfriend and I love watching college humor and I want to get lucky on prom night so Miera will you got to prom with me!

So I was dating this girl for a few weeks and things were going very well. We talked a lot online, had some great dates and were scheduled for another one.  Three hours before that date I get a text saying she had to cancel because "something came up."  Turns out "something" was her ex-boyfriend, who had cheated on her for months behind her back and whom she had not spoken to for weeks, had surprised her the night before with a romantic evening, proposed to her, and now she's engaged to him.  She expressed all this information to me via a single text message.

My boyfriend’s mother insisted on yelling “you kids stop poking” when she thought we were having sex.

-Amanda, PA

One of the pet names for my g/f is 'Cubby,' as in a cub, it's a different take on 'Baby Bear.'  On our 6 month anniversary I accidently texted her, "Happy Anniversary Chubby!"  We then had a 2 hour conversation whether it was a Freudian slip and I actually thought she was chubby.  There was no happy anniversary sex.

-Forrest, University of Hartford

My girlfriend and I were talking about my encounter with Seth Rogan at the LAX airport the other day and she exclaimed I love Seth Rogan! I asked her if she had seen Pineapple Express and she said she loved it. I said "Really? You saw it?" She said "yeah, the one with the snow and train right?" She was thinking of Polar Express.

I was talking to my girlfriend about getting a physical. She asked me if it was weird for someone else touching my downstairs. I said "Only two people can touch my penis, you and my mother." I meant to say doctor. It was some kind of weird freudian slip. We no longer talk. I dont really talk to my mom either.



So a few years back I was dating this girl. We were like a pair of rabbits, and as such, I didn't care where her parents were if we were at her house. One time we were in her bed, laying on our sides facing the door going at it somewhat discretely. Well the door was open and her dad came in and proceeded to talk to me about helping him with computer related things for a good 15 minutes. Mind you I was actually inside his daughter the whole time. The was repeated on at least two other occasions, though I will leave out the more amusing topics since her brother probably reads this site.
-C, Rutgers University


A one night stand I had recently said, and I quote, "EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWEE GROSS!" while taking off the condom. He is 26. Way to make things awkward, dude.
-Jill, ENU Scotland


I got caught cheating on my boyfriend by his dad. His dad is a cop and I was giving the driver a …. well yeah. I don't think he felt bad when he arrested me.
-Brianna , ASU


So I have been dating this guy for about two weeks now, and we had sex for the first time last night. Now, it wasn't too bad or anything, but afterwards, he proceeded to bounce my breasts around to the tune of the Super Mario Bros. theme song.

-Ashley C.