Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace,""SpaceBook,"or "The World Wide Web?"

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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

My grandparents impressively managed to download and install Skype on their computer so they could talk to me while I'm studying abroad, but they can't figure out the difference between the status feature, and the messaging. My grandpa's status for the past three months has been "Hi. I love your pictures. I will try to Skype phone in a few minutes."
Chris S, Lafayette College

Today, my dad thought that some PSP disks were pogs.
Jordan L

My mom uses the word "tinkle" to describe her phone ringing, eg."My phone just tinkled." Today, she was worried that her phone wasn't ringing when she got texts so she asked me to text her. So I sent her a text, and she sent me one back saying, "Yay, I tinkled!"
Faye J

A few years ago, my grandfather was in the process of writing a book. He needed my help with something, and I noticed that he had several files on his computer titled "Chapter 1-1, Chapter 1-2" and so on. I asked him what the files were and he said that the first number was the chapter and the second one was the page. He was amazed when I showed him that it could all be saved as one file.
Cathi B., Fordham University

My grandma refers to her cellular phone as her "walking phone."
Kristen C, UTSA

I was talking to my parents about streaming TV shows online. My mom asked me if the program you wanted to watch needed to be airing on TV at the same time in order to watch it on the internet. She got angry when I laughed at her because she thought it was an important question.
Nick Costantino

I call my mom on a regular basis just to see how she's doing, and she usually picks up the phone. So one day when I called her and she didn't answer I didn't think it was any big deal but she didn't call back within about half an hour which was uncommon for her, since she doesn't run any errands without calling me first. (Yeah, I know she's a little high-maintenance.) Anyway, so I called her back about an hour later and when she picked up I asked her, "Mom, why didn't you answer the phone?" She said she didn't know I was calling her; that she was watching TV. She said she assumed the ringing was on the television show. Out of curiosity I asked what she was watching and she answered, "Spartacus."
Valerie Lenson

When we're starting to finish up a video/conversation on Skype, my parents call my relatives on the phone to let them know that we're almost done so they'll be able to start one with me.
Max W, Kendall College

I was helping some old family friends (90 years old) set up a Facebook. Whenever the man writes a status he writes "What's on your mind…" and then whatever happens to be on his mind.
Virginia M

I asked my dad what his favorite Pokémon was. He answered me it was Lord Voldemort.
Ricardo Hernández

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