Every sporting event has a winner and a loser. And every sporting event also has these 15 fans.
(Note: Hockey and soccer both have ties. Additionally, they're both very good at ruining intros to articles.)

- – - – -
#1 – The Super Fan

Who They Are: They're the person leading the cheers and taking every chance to express their undying love for the team. Every visible inch of their body is covered in paint, and there's a 99% chance that the non-visible parts are painted too.

Why They Are Here: For the Super Fan, merely attending a sporting event doesn't do their level of fandom justice. No, they must make sure that everyone knows how much of a fan they are, and if that means wearing a wig and not being able to talk at work tomorrow, then so be it.

In Real Life They Are: Reproducers of human beings, believe it or not. He hasn't brought his kids to a game yet, but rest assured when he does, they'll either be scarred for life or inspired to take up the family business, ensuring a dynasty of douchery.