Sometimes people go away for a bit. At first, you miss them. Your heart aches for them, and you spend every moment thinking of how great they are, and how wonderful things were when they were around.

Then, one day, a minute goes by when they’re not on your mind.

The next day, it’s two or three minutes.

Soon, you realize you haven’t thought of them much in a whole week.

And after a few months of this, they’re just a tiny speck in your heart and mind. You still love them, but missing them isn’t occupying your whole being. Then, one day, out of the blue, they come back. And in an instant, that tiny speck explodes into a full blown passion, and all of those old feelings come rushing back. You realize just how much you missed them.

Desmond’s back in the game, and boy, are the ladies happy!

Here’s what when down this week, in a sinking car:

Desmond wakes up (post Ben gunshot) and Widmore tells him they brought him back to the island. Des goes ape-shit on Widmore. Widmore wants to test Desmond’s special powers, so he places him in an extreme electromagnetic machine, which Des survives, but he passes out for a few seconds. When he wakes up, he wants to help. As they walk through the jungle, they’re attacked by an emotionally detached Sayid who tells Des to come with him. Meanwhile, while Des passed out, he lives life in Plane Dimension, where he has an amazing relationship with Widmore, but he doesn’t know Penny. He meets Charlie (whom Widmore asks him to “babysit”) and Charlie forces Des into seeing their “other lives” by driving their car into the ocean. Then Des meets Eloise, who tells him to stop searching for whatever he’s looking for. Then Faraday approaches Des and explains that he “feels it” too. And he thinks that in another life, he set off a hydrogen bomb. Des also tracks down Penny, and they meet!



Here’s what we learn:

1. We were all wrestling with a formula for Plane Dimension. It has glimmers of being a “perfect version” of their real lives, but it’s not perfect. Now, we learn that it’s a world in which at least one thing that someone wants (or thinks they want) is granted (i.e. Widmore’s approval) while others might be lost (life with Penny). Charlie’s line said it best. In this life, “You think you’re happy.”

2. Penny and little Charlie are safe, but Widmore brought Desmond back to the island because he has special powers, and Widmore needs his help.

3. WOWSERs. Fuck all those people who bailed on Lost when a few episodes of Season 3 got slow. THIS SHIT IS PAYING OFF! Man, that was a good episode! When Des sees NOT PENNY’s BOAT on Charlie’s hand, I literally got goosebumps. SO GOOD!

4. In Plane Dimension, Eloise and Widmore are married, Des and Penny have not met (yet), Des is Widmore’s favorite employee, and Daniel is a musician.

5. We know the impending war is coming to the island, but am I the only one who’s still confused about who’s on what side? It seems that, at its base, it’s Jacob’s side versus MIB’s side, and Jacob seems more like “the good guy.” In the Ben/Widmore battle, Ben seemed to be working for Jacob, and Widmore seemed to be working for himself. Now, it does seem that Widmore’s on the “good” side, (i.e. the side that will prevent the world from being knocked out of existence), but does that mean he’s on the same side as Ben now? Confused.

6. Now that we see how the two time lines interact a bit, we can reexamine other time traveling episodes. – like when Desmond was flashing between two realities. And when he was seeing the future and knew that Charlie was going to die. And when Faraday felt sad for the plane crash, even thought he didn’t know the people on it (yet). Is it because there are even more time lines existing? Or is it because these timelines are replaying? Discuss.

7. You’ve got to make sacrifices for the island. This explains (perhaps) why in the first timeline, Widmore doesn’t know his son Daniel, and Eloise and Widmore are not together.

8. Only Lost viewers could get sentimental enough to warrant bag pipes in a show promo.

9. That scene in the MRI blew my mind. Beautiful, intimate flashes of a life he doesn’t even know he has? So good.

10. Fisher Stevens is back! The first dead time traveler is now Desmond’s limo driver.

11. Desmond asks Fisher Stevens to get a list of names of the passengers on Flight 815. Presumably, he wants to track them down and see if they’re “feeling” this “other life” as well. But I wasn’t sold on Desmond’s deduction. He only knows of Charlie’s experience and his own. And Daniel’s (who wasn’t on the plane). He may be right, but plot wise, where is he coming up with the hypothesis that all the other people on the plane are experiencing this too?

12. If I had a giant electromagnetic testing machine, I think I’d put it in something more insulated than a wooden shed.

13. There’s something beautiful and romantic about the thing that jars three men into remembering their past lives. For all of them, it’s the love of a woman that’s making it real for them.

14. In Plane Dimension, Eloise clearly knows what the eff is going on. It seems that Daniel is still trying to figure it out.

15. We might now know why Des was on 815 in this universe. It could be the result of his electromagnetic experience. Afterall, his last exposure to electromagnetism made him time travel as well. But (reiterating point number 6), does that mean that there are many alternative time lines? Or just one?

16. Desmond’s “not ready” to know all of this. When will he be? WHEN?!