Lara Croft: Chief! It's been forever.

Master Chief: I haven't seen you since that cross console mixer a few years ago.

Lara takes off her coat.

Master Chief: Wow. Uh…

Lara Croft: What?

Master Chief: You…You look a little different than the last time I saw you.

Lara Croft: Oh, I was having back problems. I had breast reduction surgery.

Master Chief: Ah.

Lara Croft: It was pretty ridiculous running around raiding tombs with those things!

Master Chief: Haha, yeah. Who would want gigantic breasts? Beautiful…gigantic…breasts.

Lara Croft: …Chief?

Master Chief: Sorry. So, what've you been up to?

Lara Croft: Well, I haven't made a game in a while so I've been trying to keep bus-

Master Chief is staring off into space.

Lara Croft: Are you listening?

Master Chief: …Yeah. I was just thinking about how we've grown apart.

Lara Croft: You've got to be kidding me.

Master Chief: It would probably be breast if we just went our seperate ways. Best, I mean.

Lara Croft: You futuristic space heroes are all the same. 

Master Chief: Listen, this has nothing to do with you deflating your epic rack.

Lara Croft: Then what is it about?

Master Chief: Uh…

Lara taps her foot impatiently.

Master Chief: It's just…they were so…

Lara Croft: Have a nice life, Chief.

Lara starts walking away.

Master Chief: Thanks for the mammaries.