2-Dew List

  1. Shotgun a Natty
  2. Take ear medicine
  3. Buy alotta visors
  4. CONDOMS!!!
  5. Watch CONAIR on dvd
  6. Steal some of Moose's visors, they're pretty sick
  7. Miscellaneous Frat stuff
  8. Buy mad Corona gear at Wal-Mart (i.e. woven trucker hat, bathing suit, big towel, boxers, etc.)
  9. Make a doodie
  10. Give brother Chad a deadarm
  11. Scream something into a pledge's ear
  12. Hangout with someone other than Moose…maybe Chad???
  13. Work on haiku for secret poetry competition
  14. Sculpt those pythons
  15. Call Mommy <3