Ok…halfway through the season and we get some actual plot moves going.  Indestructi-girl’s Firemom! Hiro’s Dad (that is clearly affected by time, did you see his turkey-neck TAKEI!!!!).  The cop fixed the leak! Huge moves happening in NYC.  I must say though I feel like I can’t even write about this week, because next week looks even better and do to the culture of ‘teases’ I cant even think about last night’s episode.  

Is Hiro’s dad Linderman? Is Indestructi-girl’s dad LindermanIs Claire’s little gay boy toy related to Linderman?  Part of me hopes that Linderman is only shown as a Dr. Claw like character shown in a chair stroking a small lemur (or my big lemur! Booyah!)  

I love the idea of mastering your powers a la PowerSucker (from Inviso-Dundee and Hiro (from the sword)).  I think the main reason that I want them to learn how to harness their powers is the small chance that they could have a Rocky-esque training montage where they are crushing cans with their minds and their drunkard brother-in-law is playing with the robot butler. 

I always imagined that if your parents had two different powers, then you would have some strange amalgamation of the two.  Like Micah should be able to go through a wall and come out as a super strong bitchy version of himself.  Instead he can hack into an ATM a la John Connor in the beginning of T2.  Then I am harshly reminded of the teachings of Gregor Mendel…There is no medium sized pea-pods, duh! Color me retarded!

All in all I really enjoyed this episode a lot of good stuff, and I am beyond stoked for next week’s episode.  Claire’s Dad? Swords? Dinosaurs? Paintings? Izzy offering to build the Denny Duquette Memorial Free Clinic at Seattle Grace…Err I mean I don’t watch Grey’s Anato…Sorry please don’t mind-wipe me Black Guy…Haitian? Really? How am I supposed t…Hey who are you and why are you still wearing a Baja they went out of style in 95.