1. This video of a guy setting a record for 90 degree pushups is really depressing. Yesterday I ran two blocks to catch a subway and I almost threw up.
  2. These X-Rays are pretty intense. Nails in peoples heads, a light bulb in a butt, bones made out of PVC pipes? Look at all the magical things you can find inside people!
  3. What's worse than getting deferred from a school you applied early to? Getting an accidental e-mail congratulating you on being "accepted." In your face!
  4. Why would you snap a mouse trap on your nipple? I don't know why but this kid makes me angry. So, if anyone can find him, tell him I wanna fight him. Me and my friends vs him and his friends. Let's go.
  5. The winner of the fight mentioned above gets to fight these people who maintain that the world is flat.

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It was all fun and games until he started murdering turtles.

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