Happy Friday, everybody!  I’m gonna skip this issue’s intro because there was BIG news in Hollywood this week.  After months and years of waiting, and for the low low price of $39.97, you can finally see Paris Hilton’s naked boobs.  No I am NOT KIDDING.  It’s her real life boobs!  Apparently Paris forgot to pay the bill for some storage unit where she kept a ton of private stuff, and now the stuff is on the internet for us to buy.  Slash download from literally any other website ever.
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Somehow this week, a story broke that resident crazy Rachael Ray got drunk last year at a restaurant and started bashing Oprah, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  What does this chick think she’s doing?  If celebrities were animals, this would be like a catepillar getting drunk and insulting a pack of tyrannosaurus rex.
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 Also in the news this week, Disco D, the producer of K-Fed’s magical single “Popozao” has committed suicide.  Aaand that’s all I have to say about that.
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So remember a while ago when Isaiah Washington from Grey’s Anatomy called T.R. Knight (also from Grey’s Anatomy) a derogatory name for being gay?  Well this week he checked into rehab.  Rehab.  For homophobia.  You know, those centers where they give you anti-gay hating pills.
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Quote of the week:  Hugh Hefner, on Kelly Osbourne’s offer to appear in Playboy:
“I can’t see it happening somehow – we don’t airbrush to that extent.”
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 This week a source told The Sun Online that “Tom [Cruise] has been told he is Scientology’s Christ-like figure.”  The real Jesus Christ starred in a Mission Impossible series, too.  It was called “Being Tortured and Eventually Murdered For the Forgiveness of All Mankind.”  Then again, Tom Cruise was in Top Gun, so I guess they’re about even.
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Last but not least, leave it to Katie Holmes to give us the LEAST enticing up-skirt photo we’ve seen in the last several months.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’d rather see Brit’s actual vagina than this granny-panty fat-siphoning contraption Katie has suctioned to herself.

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Have a great weekend!