"The Internet is a fad — unlike baseball, with its admirable, steroid-free stars like Jose Canseco and Rafael Palmeiro."
-Bill Gates, 1995

"No person with his wits about him would ever pay to see moving pictures. Especially if those moving pictures told a story about scientists trapped on a remote South American island of genetically cloned dinosaurs run amok."

-Nicola Tesla, 1880
"Man? On the moon? That seems about as likely as that new singer Elvis Presley having a daughter, and that daughter growing up and marrying a ghoulish, Peter Pan-obsessed, trans-racial pop-singer accused of child molestation."
-Walter Cronkite, 1956

"Mark my words: television shall be forgotten by the end of the year. But should it somehow survive and subsequently air a comedic program about the trials and tribulations of a fellowship of six New Yorkers, Ross and Rachel will not hook up in the end."
-Charlie Chaplin, 1949 

"Vietnam will go down in history as this country's final war. Now, we look for a return to normalcy.  Things like watching television. Specifically Baretta starring Robert Blake — who, incidentally, will most definitely never be tried for the murder of his wife."
-Jimmy Carter, 1981