1. How old are Pamela Anderson's sons? I really feel bad for them. At some point, they're going to be teenagers, and their mother will still be doing this. Still, she is pretty hot.
  2. I think this guy does exactly what I would do if I ever broke into a house. Food, porn and fire extinguishers. That's how you spend a weekend.
  3. This video is crazy. Imagine you and all of your Asian friends are playing a friendly game of soccer somewhere in Asia. Then all the sudden, this happens!
  4. Here are the top ten objects inserted into people's orifices. Not all at once, of course. But even so, an octopus? See for yourself.
  5. This hand art is kind of unbelievable. In a lot of ways, really. Namely the amount of time people must spend painting these, and the amount of time people spend having them painted on their hands.

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