1. Seriously. Just watch this video. Watch it until the end. It's the strangest video on body language that I've ever seen. I can't do it justice by describing it. Just. Watch.
  2. Something about Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray starring in a claymation film depicting the life of Anne Frank really gets me. I don't know what it is. See for yourself.
  3. This guy is either the coolest dad ever, or the worst. I'll save the judging for you. But I will tell you that he straps a rocket to his son's skateboard. Watch til the end to see it really take off.
  4. Jessica Biel isn't that hot. Look guys, I'm serious. She's just not attractive. I don't get why people like her. This picture is stupid. All you see is her butt. You can't even see the face!
  5. Here's a classic. The best part is that he gets up from the botched back flip and tries to keep nun-chucking. Horrifying.

Awesome Updates

Did you guys know that today is the 72nd birthday of the invention of the beer can? Chris did.

Pic of the Day
You know a pipe is good when it takes three people to operate it.