The BustedTees Girl. Everyone knows her. She lives inside the ad boxes on your computer. In fact, she's probably in an ad on the top of this page right now. Every day we get creepy e-mails asking for her personal information. So we figured it'd be much easier for Erica's stalkers to learn about her by doing a public interview. Here's what we talked about:

Do you wear BustedTees when you’re not modeling them? All the time

How many BustedTees do you actually own? Every single one ever made, and some duplicates.

Do you have a favorite? I like the “second amendment” one with the bear arms. I gave the shirt to my dad and he wears it all the time. I also like “Jersey Girls Aint Trash, Trash Gets Picked Up” because it’s true.

Least favorite? “Jesus Hates the Yankees”, because if Jesus hates the Yankees, then I hate Jesus.

Medium favorite?
“Stewart/Colbert”, because I would totally support it, although it makes no sense whatsoever.

Where are you from? Madison, Connecticut, hometown of THE Streeter Seidell

How old are you? 20 and