A few months ago we posted a video of a groom and his best man splitting a fifth of Jack Daniels hours before the wedding. Though everyone there seemed impressed, nobody really looked surprised. I recently caught up with videographer Adam Henderson to find out how the wedding went, and why we never got any video.

The question on everybody's mind – how mad was she?
She was pretty mad. She didn't see Ryan, the groom, all day. By the time we were at the reception, he sobered up enough to not make a complete ass out of himself.

How did the wedding go?
It was interesting. Ryan had trouble walking down the aisle. He kept saying hi to people sitting in the crowd. Chris, the other guy drinking, fell asleep during the ceremony and fell over. He was one of the groomsmen.

How many people witnessed this?
It was relatively small, no more than 75 people. When Chris fell, his Dad helped him up and carried him out of the chapel where he threw up a few times. He came back in 5 minutes later yelling, "Thank you everyone for your support!"

Is there any video of this?
Yeah, but you don't see Chris leave. All you see is Ryan looking really happy. Nothing funny at all.

Are they still together?
Yes. The wedding was a year ago, and they're happily married.

No thanks.

Thanks for taking the time for an interview Adam. You, Ryan, Chris, Mrs. Ryan, Ryan's parents, and everyone else who was there is truly the Man of the Century!