1. This is just a really awesome picture. I won't ruin the surprise by telling you what it is. Fine! I'll give you a hint. It's a picture of Niagara Falls completely frozen. But I'm not telling you anything else!
  2. This goes along with my theme from yesterday of amazing stuffed animal's for your kids. Take a look at the fake horses head!
  3. Check out this great video of comedian Steven Wright.
  4. I'm linking these pictures of women mud wrestling only so I can protest them. Everyone know that KY Gelly is the way to go. Mud, though sexy in it's own right, is no good because it hides the women! Think about it!
  5. Expose your genitals to me once, shame on you. Expose them to me twice, shame on- actually, still, shame on you.

Awesome Updates

Steve Collins makes his own Hot College Chick of the Week
Dave Mulis talks about The Most Dangerous Animal Ever

Pic of the Day
You think you've been really drunk, but have you ever been shave-a-penis-into-your-chest drunk?