or is it Heros (I have no clue, never mind spell check says its Heroes, but oddly enough nevermind and spellcheck both come up as incorrect.  Strange how spellcheck needs to be spell checked, a little too existential, it would be like looking up the synonym for thesaurus).

I digress, which is only fair because that’s exactly what the Heroes writer’s have done.  They have taken the one skill/problem that all comic book writers have in common and exacerbated it to it’s fullest.  They have learned how to stretch a story out.  To milk a 3 book plot into a 6 book plot with 3-5 crossover issues, so that you or I (actually probably I because I am a sucker comic book reader) spends a goat load of their money. 

Did we really need to see every single plot last night?  It was like the comic that says FEATURING SO MANY STARS OF THE MARVEL UNIVERISE! And then just shoehorns an inordinate amount of second tier characters into the book.  There are so many characters int his show with names that are hard to remember, Sylar, Petrelli,  Same thing last night, we saw every single person’s plot.  The cop’s plot took up a big chunk, when it could have boiled down to 3 lines…He’s hiding Cylar.

Speaking of the cop scenes, does he not notice a 6 foot 8 Haitian man, who is clearly not working at the factory, but just staring at him with his creepy tunic on?  Also how do they all know he is Haitian without hearing him talk.  I would have been calling him the black guy the whole time.  I guess my power would have been to be accidentally racist.

As for connections this show is going to implode upon itself, does everyone/thing/word have to be connected?  It’s getting ridiculous, and it all leads back to Linderman (who we all know works for the Hanso Foundation, it’s pretty obvious).  He is the unseen character who everyone talks about the whole series, so he better live up to his (imaginary) reputation. 

Things I did like, but only because I’m a geek:

  • Hiro getting a sword (I was sad when it was a fake held by none other than ‘the other’ Linderman.
  • Speaking of the sword…now we know what that marking on everyone’s back is.  I can almost guarantee that Peter’s is on his lower back
  • Duke Nukem (whatever his name is) practicing his skills in a shed in Vegas (where Power Sucker (whatever his name is) is flying to.)
  •  When Hiro calls Flying Running for Office Guy (or whatever his name is) ‘Frying Guy’ actually that just makes me accidentally racist.