Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the annoying conservative chick from The View shows off her bikini=ready body after popping out two kids. Too bad she's a mom only John McCain would LTF. [CelebSlam]

This is my favorite picture of the week – it involves British lingerie models and Sex and the City. CLICK! [CelebSlam]

Former supermodel Stephanie Seymour is not important, but her weird nipple-showing dress sure is! [IDLYITW]

Amy Winehouse was arrested again this week for more crack crap, not for this ridiculous outfit. [WWTDD]

Britney Spears and her ex K-Fed are allegedly partaking in phone sex late at night. At least no babies can be created! [IDLYITW]

Madonna kissed a female fan
at her concert this week, which would have been hot and shocking twenty years ago, but now is just kinda sad. We can see that on reality tv, Madge! [WWTDD]

Kim Kardashian got cellulite treatment on her ass and lived to tell about it. She even took some pictures! Don't worry, they're hot – if you like chicks who look like drag queens. [Hollywood Tuna]

Some peeps are saying that Ashlee Simpson's newly huge boobs are a sign that she's pregnant. I just think they're a sign that she's DESPERATE. [Egotastic]

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon got married after like, a few weeks of dating. This is EXACTLY the sort of thing you should do when you graduate college this month! Spontaneity=success!

Angelina is having twins. Olsens, beware. [DListed]

May Flowers!
- Kate