It's my favorite time of the week, it's time for the Weekly WYR. See if you're brave enough to choose a side in what surely are the universe's most difficult quagmires. And remember, if you've got a great WYR, submit it at the bottom of this or any WYR article.

Would You Rather…

  • Work your dream job for no wages, relying only on welfare payments to survive, or sit naked in a completely empty white room from 8 to 5 Monday to Saturday for $5 million a year? From Sled
  • Take a dump on an airplane, or take a dump on a train? From george
  • Have the Darth Vader music play wherever you are, or have music from a 70's porn movie play wherever you are? From Lou
  • Get caught reading CollegeHumor at work and have a talk about improper internet use with your boss, or HAVE F*CKING FUNCTIONAL ALT TAB BUTTONS?! From Elliott
  • Be forced to notify those around you whenever you think of something sexual, or never have sexual thoughts? From Prieto
  • Be stuck on a deserted island with Bear Grylls, or Jessica Alba? (Pre-pregnancy) From Greg
  • Have a dinosaur that you could ride around on, or a dinosaur that could talk, but was too dignified to let you ride it? From Kurtis

Finally, this week's winner of the Jesus Christ I Hope This is Hypothetical Award is alex, who sent in this.

  • Make her get an abortion that'll make you feel guilty your whole life or have the baby and give up on all your dreams? From alex

Alex, we are all here for you.

If you have a good WYR, submit it below. Check back every Friday to see if yours made the cut.

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