For many of you graduation is approaching fast, like a charging grizzly bear. Is it time to finally face the brutal mauling of real life? Just answer these six simple questions and find out!

Who is supporting you right now?
Loans, loans, loans (0 points)
Some tuition is covered by parents or scholarships, I pay the rest (1 point)
My parents pay tuition, I have a job for spending money (2 points)
My parents pay my tuition and expenses (3 points)

How many years have you been at school?
6 years or more (0 points)
5 years (1 point)
4 years (2 points)
3 years or less (3 points)

Are your friends graduating?
All my friends are graduating or have graduated (0 points)
Almost everyone is graduating, but some of them are staying in the area (1 point)
Some of them are gone, but I've got plenty of younger friends who haven't graduated (2 points)
No way, they'll all still be here next year (3 points)

What's your major?
Something that'll get me a fun job and make a sh*t ton of money (0 points)
Something that'll get me a fun job (1 point)
Something that'll get me a sh*t ton of money (2 points)
Communications, philosophy or history (3 points)

Are you single?
No (0 points)
Yes (3 points)

Do you have a job lined up after school?
Yes, I worked really hard to find a job this semester (0 points)
I'm going to grad school after school (1 point)
I have a summer job lined up after school (2 points)
Nope, I got nothing (3 points)