Track Selection:

1. We put this song at the beginning of the album cause it was the weakest thing we had, but since it's the first track, you're gonna have to listen to it every time you first put in the cd.

2. E oo ou e ooa i ie, ae' e ee? (We took out the consonants this time, aren't we clever?)

3. "It doesn't matter what we name this song, because if it's in quotes then it's meant to be ironic"

4. I don't (know) why we put words in (parentheses) when they're (essential) to understanding the song (title)

5. If you don't like this song then just break the CD in half and go to town on those wrists (Unless you illegally downloaded it, which pretty much goes for everyone, so just disregard that last thing…)

6. Maybe if we drop that last song down a half step and add a sweet disco beat no one will know the difference

7. I sure hope this gets mixed in with a rap song, cause alone it's not that great

8. I slept with someone in Fall Out Boy and he wouldn't stop crying when we were done

9. I'm getting tired of this, can't we just get MTV to name our songs for us?

10. Fame > Using my god given talents for something that benefits mankind

11. The only difference between Britney Spears and an uninteresting drug addict is press coverage (Oh wait. Wrong band…)

12. Even if this record bombs we can still hold the record for the longest song title on any album. All I have to do is keep writing and…oh no, the bottom of the CD case is coming up too fast we're never going to ma

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