We've all done it.

We let that person slip away from us. The only one who ever really felt right in your arms, on your lips, and just walking next to you. It was just the two of you against the world.

But, life throws us obstacles. Jobs, distance, or maybe jungle monsters, British parachuters, and time travel. And, the muddling of emotions confuses your scarred hearts and you make the mistake of pushing each other away. And the two of you find yourselves filling the voids with different, lesser company just to make the time pass.

But, in your heart, you know that you will be together again. And it will be right. And, when two perfect people finally kiss the kiss that was meant to be kissed, after so much history and on such expensive-looking sheets, I will cry.

I certainly did tonight.

This Jack-centric Lost was most certainly for the ladies….and for those who have loved the ladies….

Here's what went down this week, in an appendix:

Juliet needs to remove Jack's appendix before it ruptures. Sun, Jin, Daniel and Charlotte get medical supplies and Juliet performs the surgery. Jack wants Kate there during the operation. Claire, Aaron, Miles and Sawyer are headed back to the beach. They find the dead Carl and Frenchie. Claire sees her dad and leaves Aaron in the middle of the night. In a flash forward, we see Kate and Jack in love living with Aaron. They get engaged! But then Jack's substance abuse starts to creep in.

Here's what we learn:
1. Lost is the only thing that has successfully pulled you away from the vacant buildings, semi-automatic weapons, and dirty hookers of Liberty City. Take a break, Niko!
2. Finally! Another Jack-centric episode! They even threw in the opening shot of the eye just to make us feel warm and cozy. With all of the sexy muddy shots of Kate, Alex, and even Juliet lately, it's about time the ladies got a few much-needed moments of Jack in a towel. Shower nozzle material galore.
3. Jack and Kate wind up together, at least for a bit. This is post- "court flash forward, " but pre- "funeral flash forward." I recognized Kate's house right away and was PSYCHED. So, Jack got "over" whatever was keeping him from seeing Aaron. Maybe he needed the assurance that Kate's criminal record would be clear?
4. Miles sees dead people. We knew this but needed the reminder.
5. Hurley's vision of Charlie told him that Jack shouldn't be raising Aaron. The psychic said that Claire shouldn't raise him either. So, who should? Should Aaron be back on the island?
6. The "vision" that Jack saw of his dad on the island in Season One was most likely a time-traveling dad and not a delusional vision. We suspected this, but we now know this because Claire and Miles also saw the same person.
7. Daniel wants to be sittin' in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G Charlotte. He is also pissed that she's not making an effort to be liked.
8. CHARLOTTE SPEAKS KOREAN! Holy fuckballs! Jin tells her that she MUST get Sun off of the island.
9. Hurley thinks that he and the rest of the Oceanic 6 are dead.
10. In the future, Kate is helping Sawyer, who is still on the island because he chose to be.
11. In the future. Kate still looks great.
12. In the future. Jack still looks great.
13. In the future, Kate looks great in a men's shirt with her legs wrapped around Jack.
14. Mr. Pilot saves Miles, Sawyer and Claire (and Aaron) from mean army murderer dude, who is headed back to the helicopter. We also learn that these guys did not all die from the black smoke.
15. Over the years, the Lost time slot has followed some pretty bad television shows. Remember that Freddy Prince, Jr. debacle? Well we may have reached the nadir with this Grey's Anatomy crap. Please don't make me watch even 30 seconds of that overwritten, under-acted soap opera shitstorm, or I will vomit all over Sandra O's ugly face. C'mon, ABC, do you really think the same audience that watches that McBarfy crap is smart enough to be grandfathered in to Lost?
16. Juliet tells Kate that Jack kissed her to try and prove that he doesn't love Kate.
17. Miles didn't sign up for this. What DID you sign up for, Miles?
18. Kate likes lace panties. Alleluiah.