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My roommate freshman year was a real slob and would wear every piece of clothing he had and than leave it on the floor. Also he would leave food wrappers around and sunflower seeds shells that he spit out and missed the trash would not be cleaned up by him. The only time he would clean is when he took a heavy dose of his ADD medication. He would make the place spotless in an afternoon, so it got to the point where I would grind a little bit up into his food or drink as a way of getting him to clean on the days I couldn't stand the mess anymore.
Tom, Fairfield Univerity

I have two roommates this year. So, one of my roommates boasts about his brains excessively, and that he doesn't really deserve to be at such a "lowly school" like here, though my other roommate and I don't really see why, since he completely bombs every test he takes. But anyway, one day my roommate and I got fed up with it. In our writing class, there's three essays, the second one worth 35 percent of our grade. So the day the essay is due, there roommate A goes, bragging about how great his essay is, and he says he's going to turn it in one hour early because he's so confident in it. He then proceeds to print out his essay, and put it in his binder. He then goes to the shower. And this is where roommate B and I take action. We go on his computer, find his essay, and use the find and replace function to replace "because" with "cause I give blowjobs for crack." We print it out, replace the real essay with the sabatoged one, and wait for him to come back and leave. The next week, we get our essays back. I look at his returned copy, and in red ink, the instructor wrote "It is obvious you do not possess the effort needed to complete this course. Furthermore, your rudeness and blatant lack of respect for me will almost certainly result in an F in this course if you do not have a sincere apology and extremely compelling reason as to why I should not." Instead of trying to actually do something about it, he drops the course. He's now taking it again, with a different instructor. He wouldn't talk to us for weeks.
University of California, San Diego

I share a house with my old college dorm mate. He has a bit of a drinking problem; in short, he's an alcoholic. Living with an alcoholic annoyed me at first, but then I figured out how to reap the benefits of it. My roommate is drunk atleast 5 nights out of the week. When he drinks, he's rather forgetful. Near the end of the month I'll approach him when he's drunk and hand him my rent money for the following month. I always give him cash and he always puts it on the dresser in his ridiculously messy room. I'll then get him to write the landlord out a check for the full months rent and give it to me so I can hand it to her the next day. He always does. That same night, while he's still drunk, I'll wait for him to leave his bedroom and I'll walk in and take my cash back off his dresser. When he sobers the next day up he never mentions that the money's missing. I think he just accepts it as one of the embarrasing side effects of being an alcoholic; things go missing on occasion. Whatever the case may be; his rent check always clears, our landlord is always happy, and I haven't spent a dime on rent in 8 months.
Kenneth, Manhattanville College

One of the guys down the hall is just generally a tool. He thinks he knows about computers, but he really doesn't. So while he was at class, we installed a VNC server (a program that lets you work someone else's computer from your own) and waited. That night, it was his roommate's birthday, and some people had made him a cake. Just as everyone was about to go into his room to sing "Happy Birthday," we took control of his computer and brought up a shitload of gay porn. He's still trying to tell people it was a virus.
Anonymous, Wesleyan University

My roommate and I found out that our other roommate was not too fond of ghosts. After hearing this, we decided that at that exact moment in time, our house became "haunted." For weeks we made subtle remarks about noises we had been hearing and things being moved randomly. After about a month and a half of "hearing a ghost," our roommate sat us down in our living room and asked if we really thought there was a ghost in our house. Without any hesitation, we both said yes. As if this wasn't already hard enough to keep both of us from laughing, he says that if we really thought there was a ghost, he wanted his priest to come to our place and "bless" it. My roommate and I got a call about 3 days later while we were at a soccer game from our scared roommate, asking if we were home, because he was coming over to the house at that very moment with his priest. Our house was blessed that night. My roommate and I who played the prank on him are going to pretend like the blessing has worked for about a month or two, but then we think the ghost is going to make another appearance.
Matt, CMU