Just answer the questions below to see if you should hit the books tonight or go get hammered!

How much time have you spent studying so far?
I already know this stuff inside and out (0 points)
Studied pretty hard for a night or two (1 point)
Reviewed my notes during commercials once (2 points)
None (3 points)

Do you go to class?
Haven't missed one yet (0 points)
Missed one (1 point)
Missed a couple (2 points)
Went to a couple (3 points)

What's your current average?
90 – 100 (0 points)
80 – 89 (1 point)
70 – 79 (2 points)
69 or below (3 points)

What format is the test?
Multiple choice (0 points)
Fill in the blanks (1 point)
Some combination of the other answers (2 points)
Essay (3 points)

Is it open book, or open Internet?
Yes (0 points)
No (3 points)