Oh my God, it is way too nice to go to class today! I hope the rest of the girls want to skip with me and just go hang out on the Quad all day. Becky won't. She is such a priss. I don't even know why we hang out with her anyway; she never wants to have any fun. Oh my God I can finally wear some of the new summer clothes I bought over break. I have that new cute skirt that I've just been DYING to finally wear out. When Becky sees it she will just flip out. I know she wanted it but I don't care. I look way better in it anyway. What top do I want to wear? I have that new pink tank top that would match perfectly with my flip-flops. Yeah, I'll look super cute in that. I hope Todd comes to hang out. I don't care if Becky likes him, he already told me he doesn't like her. Maybe if she went to the gym with us in the morning and skipped dinner with us at night he wouldn't think she's a hideous beast. Plus I see the way he looks at me, I know he wants me. Why shouldn't he, I'm hot… F*ck Becky. I hate that bitch.