Every year, on the first warm day of spring, all of the hot girls that have been in hiding for the winter suddenly re-appear. It's called Spring Hot Girl Day, and it's the best day of the school year. Just answer the questions below to see if today is going to be Spring Hot Girl Day at your school, or if all of the hot girls are still hibernating in underground caverns!

Where is your school?
North, near the top of America somewhere (0 points)
Somewhere in the middle of the country (1 point)
On the east or west coast (2 points)
The south (3 points)

Look out the window, does it look like there's any chance it could rain?
It is raining (0 points)
It's pretty dark. There's some cumulonimbus action going on out there (1 point)
There are small clouds here and there (2 points)
Nothing but clear blue skies (3 points)

How conservative are your classmates?
I go to a private, religious college (0 points)
Community college, baby! (1 point)
State school with less than 10,000 students (2 points)
State school with more than 10,000 students (3 points)

Does your school have a central campus?
Nope, it's one of those spread-out-around-a-city schools (0 points)
Yup, I can walk to all my classes (3 points)

How many of your fellow students commute?
All of them (0 points)
Parking lots cover half the campus (1 point)
Some people, but not a lot (2 points)
Amost no one (3 points)

Fill in the blanks, "My school is mostly _______ majors"
Engineering (0 points)
Science (1 point)
Liberal Arts (2 points)
Education (3 points)