Joe Shuster: Ok get this. There's this man, but he has supernatural powers. He can leap over buildings and stop bullets with his super chest. He's also blessed with super laser eyes and comes from a world made of sweet ice crystal things. His strength is not limited and he'll blend into society by working a regular job, but when duty calls he's there to save the day! He's like a man…but more super.

Jerry Siegel: Alright, what's his name?

Joe Shuster: …super…man

Jerry Siegel: We'll come back to that. What does he wear as a disguise?

Joe Shuster: …glasses.

Jerry Siegel: Damnit Joe you give me gold and then bomb. C'mon, let's go dress identically since it's the 1940's..

JJ Abrams: Alright I was thinking last night and I came up with a pretty solid idea. Hear me out. There's this group of people who crash on a mysterious island and as time passes they start to realize that the island is more powerful than they thought. And while these characters are lost, the general audience is going to be completely lost as well. While we slowly develop some sort of a plot we can throw random occurrences and characters into the mix from the past and future. Basically, we have complete free range to write anything because while our characters are on an island of mass potential for anything to go wrong, our viewers will be absolutely lost and tune in every week to see if we finally answer any of the confusing plot twists. Oh, and there's a polar bear.

Jeffrey Lieber: That's f*cking brilliant. What are we going to name it?

JJ Abrams: …lost?

God: Jesus, come here I need your input. (Jesus enters) Alright you know that I've been trying to sculpt the human body for awhile now. Remember how I added those long appendages connected to the pelvis so they can walk and take judo classes? Yeah I decided to put similar structures right below the neck so they can eat and high five at frat parties.

Jesus: What are you calling them?

God: …not legs.

Jesus: No, that's terrible. You constructed the nervous system yesterday and this is all you can come up with?

God: Don't JUDGE me!! Oh that's good. I'll use that for my commandments.

Jonathan Motney: Dude I think I came up with a pretty solid article idea. So I was thinking about how some of the most creative things have some incredibly uncreative characteristics. I was thinking about writing short dialogues of the creators being at their most creative peak and then immediately being at their most uncreative point in time.

John Baker: I can see that working. What are you going to title it?

Jonathan Motney: …creative people being uncreative.

John Baker: Are you gay?