1. Mayans are very greedy with their weed. An arm and a leg is as low as they're willing to go for a sack.

2. Tequila makes for a very unreliable form of anesthesia.

3. Diarrhea from the drinking water and herpes from that chick from Arizona State are the least of your problems in Mexico.

4. Bows and arrows will always be cool.

5. Apparently, young and attractive Caucasian women can't fly or even float to safety after a 20ft fall. Myth busted.

6. Greeks have nothing good to offer… other than gyros.

7. Oral sex is the preferred method of payment for bets among college students.

8. Never leave your intoxicated girlfriend near a moderately attractive, foreign guy. She will try and kiss him and inevitably try to sleep with him evEN AFTER SHE TOLD YOU SHE LOVED YOU AND WOULD NEVER HURT YOU!!!1!!

Ahem, sorry.