1. Did you click the link to see Crystal's MySpace again?
a) Yes (4 points)
b) No (0 points)

2. Was it to see if she had more pictures?
a) Yes (3 points)
b) Noooooo… (4 points)
c) No (0 points)

3. Is Jessica hot or what?
a) Fuck yeah! (4 points)
b) Yeah (3 points)
c) No (0 points)
d) Who? (-1 point)

4. Did you write an article about it?
a) Yes (10 points)
b) No (0 points)
c) Who? (-1 point)

-2 to 4 points You're a little lonely

4 to 12 points You're pretty goddamn lonely

12 to 22 points Holy pants go get a girlfriend, you freak.